International Women’s Day: women in architecture and design

International Women’s Day falls on March 8th, and we’re ready to celebrate! Architectural Design Studios was founded by women, and we’re proud to employ several talented women today.

So we thought we’d kick off the celebrations with a quick look at other great women in the world of architecture and design. Read on for some International Women’s Day inspiration!

Women in architecture and design

Traditionally, architecture was dominated by men – and in 2019, only 26% of architects were women. But change is coming. Most architecture schools are now evenly balanced between men and women.

One of our heroines is Deborah Berke: the first woman to lead the architecture department at Yale, who has talked about the importance of women in architecture. Other women leaving their mark on architecture include Maya Lin, who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Amale Andros, who works on designing the sustainable cities of the future; and Shahira Fahmy, whose buildings are the epitome of cool, modern design.

Of course, 2019 was also dominated by women designers. It seems like everyone read Marie Kondo‘s book or watched her Netflix series last year! We’re also big fans of Amy Lau, who creates classic, comfortable spaces inspired by the fine arts; and Tara Bernerd, who describes her style as “handsome and warm with an industrial edge”.

Finally, at ADS we’re lucky enough to work with a team of amazing interior designers: Cherie Arscott, Kris Havens, Molly Kiggen and Liliana Tobon. Happy International Women’s Day!