3 signs you need a second opinion on your design plan

At Architectural Design Studios, we offer a wide range of services – including a second opinion on your construction or interior design plan. We know that sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes, or an outside perspective. Here are three signs that might mean you need a second opinion on your home renovation plans.

You can’t agree with your partner

In most cases, you’re not the only person with a stake in the design. Your significant other, your family or (for an office space) even your coworkers all have an opinion!

If you can’t settle on a design together, then you might need a second opinion. We can help you sift through your options, and find a design that works for everyone.

You have a gut feeling that something’s not right

You’ve picked a designer and planned your budget carefully. You’ve thought about what you want, waited anxiously for the design… but something just doesn’t feel right.

A second opinion from another expert can be helpful in these situations. We can help you pinpoint your issues with a design, or advise you on whether your plans are realistic. Just like we sometimes ask for a second opinion from a doctor, you can get a second opinion from AD Studios.

You want to do something different

This scenario is more rare, but it does happen. If you’ve worked with the same designer or architect for a long time, then you might want to try something just a little different. We can help out by reviewing your plans and making some suggestions from a new perspective.

Do you feel like you need a second opinion on your design plans? Get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.