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Cherie Arscott

Our Founder

“I love to create designs that inspire others to live their best life: An attractive, clutter-free, well-conceived space allows my clients to achieve their higher purpose.”   

A visionary of design, Cherie Arscott has been creating elegant, sophisticated interiors for 30 years. Highly respected in the design community, Cherie’s prodigious success rests in her thorough knowledge of custom home building—gleaned from her father from a young age—and the understanding that fantastic interior design is about fulfilling the true potential of a space while enhancing the living experience, rather than simply creating more stylish and attractive rooms.

Cherie’s passion for the refined, symmetrical, “low-frills” aesthetic of European Classicism combined with her love of nature and popular design result in highly distinctive, imaginative, enduring creations. Add in a superior understanding and commitment to quality materials, ergonomics, and functionality, and Cherie’s designs are a modern-day triumph. Her projects range from small renovations to full-scale design and builds of luxury homes and boutique hotels, including many coastal properties, where her love of the water is evident. She has an eye for balance and flow and a gift for creating soothing environments that are reflective of her clients’ personal style and tastes. Cherie’s beautiful design work of a Canadian lake cottage has been featured on HGTV.

Thanks to a drive and pursuit of excellence that is extremely rare, Cherie is growing a business that is considered a forerunner in architectural, interior, and sustainable design. Kind, generous and down-to-earth, Cherie counts among her strengths the ability to surround herself with an extremely talented and dedicated team of designers and architects who work tirelessly to create unparalleled masterpieces.  

Kris Havens

Our Designer

“The art of interior design is a harmonious collection of strategy, spontaneity, intelligence, and creativity.”

Kris graduated summa cum laude from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. Her distinguished academic achievement and twenty-three years of residential design and construction management experience equip Kris with invaluable tools for unrivaled project execution. She is a versatile, highly reliable professional, who has been impacting future interior designers as an educator at multiple South Florida institutions, including Palm Beach State College and Lincoln College of Technology, since 2008.

With a well-trained, sophisticated eye for elegant furnishings and finishes, Kris is recognized for her luxuriously transitional, timeless style. She prides herself on improving lives through thoughtfully planned spaces and believes in the power of beautiful interiors that transform daily life. Kris embraces and explores the “cradle-to-cradle” design philosophy by thoughtfully selecting earth-conscious products & finishes that promote healthy, safe environments, thereby preserving the ecosystem for future generations.

Kris is able to transform spaces by bringing ideas and inspirations to life. Through her exemplary technological knowledge and impeccable computer rendering skills, Kris produces realistic 3D presentations to ensure clients have a clear vision of their dreams transforming into reality. The emphasis of a client-centered and collaborative approach allows Kris to work effectively with subcontractors, and produce uniquely tailored, exquisite spaces that consistently exceed expectations. Because of her extraordinary research, organizational, and communication skills Kris’ design approach also saves money, reduces stress, and provides more time for her clients to enjoy other aspects of life, all while delivering on-time project completions.

Affording individualized attention, and addressing every meticulous detail of a project, is the hallmark of Kris’ appeal. She values getting to know her clients on a personal level; every project showcases a client’s interests, travels, and lifestyle, and she loves incorporating cherished family treasures reflecting the owners’ distinctive personalities. Kris is passionate about celebrating the often overlooked, “little” joys of life, and has an unyielding positive attitude that influences all of those around her.

Liliana Tobon

Our Architect

Opportunity for exceptional design exists in every project – no matter the scale or budget. Helping clients realize their ambitions through experimentation, rigorous collaboration, and by imagining architecture every step of the way is Liliana’s top priority.

With a master’s degree from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, one of the Colombia’s oldest, most traditional, and prestigious Universities, Liliana’s architectural design success is founded in her passion for learning. In becoming a student of her client’s way of living—from understanding their space as well as their vision, values, and deepest desires—Liliana is able to create designs that harmonize a client’s personalities and aspirations.

With extensive experience in both commercial and residential architecture, and specifically in the hospitality business, Liliana knows that “teamwork” and “collaboration” are more than just words, and that success is achieved only by empowering others to succeed. She enjoys all phases of production, from the initial meeting with the client to construction administration oversight, giving her full attention to each phase. Genuinely caring and thoughtful, Liliana is a master of details; her exceptional planning and communication skills and ability to address challenges as they arise ensures the highest and best outcomes. Liliana is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Staci Popplewell

Our Architect

“It is important to live in the moment and capture the heart and spirit of every second.  My goal is to create spaces that are not only beautiful but functionalto leave a lasting and memorable impression on others.


Staci was born and raised in Gainesville, FL and graduated from the University of Floridin 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science Education.  Even though her passion for Interior Design started at an early age, she didn’t pursue her dream until after moving to South Florida and starting a family.  She continued her education and became a licensed Real Estate agent and worked in Property Management for many years.  This sparked even more interest in her desire to work in the Interior Design industry.  As a mother of a nine-year-old, she has developed a keen and highly personal understanding for family-friendly design.  She is extremely organized, detail-oriented, driven and determined in every aspect of her life.  Being married to a pilot, Staci also enjoys traveling with her family which is where she gets a lot of her inspiration when it comes to her creative designs.


Staci decided to go back to school and ended up graduating with Honors from Palm Beach State College in 2019 with an Associate of Science degree in Interior Design Technology.  This is where she met Kris Havens, who was her former professor.  She enjoyed Kris’s coursestyle of teaching and expertise so much that she decided to reach out to her for an internship to continue learning from her.  After completing her internship at AD Studios, she was offered a full-time position working as a Design Assistant for Kris and her partner, Cherie Arscott.  She plans to pursue a career with them in a way that she will be able to channel her love for eagerness to learn, design and tenacious work ethic towards creating, pleasing, responsible and innovative design.  

Myrna Bransburg

Our Architect

“It is important for me to design spaces as an extension of the client personality, enhancing functionality, harmony, and uniqueness.” 

Myrna is originally from Argentina where she graduated as a Graphic Designer. 

She has lived in Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina, Puerto Rico, Arizona and since 2009 in southern Florida where she decided to return to further her education and graduated with honors from Palm Beach State College in 2014 with an Associate of Science degree in Interior Design Technology. 

Several years ago, Myrna worked with Cherie on various design projects.  Enrolled at Palm Beach State College, she was a student in several of Kris’ interior design classes. Now, Myrna brings her many graphic and interior design talents to Architectural Design Studios where she contributes her knowledge of art, color, and her passion for creativity. 

Myrna has been painting original artworks and illustrations for 25 years. 

When Myrna isn’t working, she loves to share time with her family and friends ideally in nature, taking pictures, kayaking, riding bicycle, hiking, and traveling to obtain inspiration.


Our Clients Say

Cherie Arscott is one of the most talented and professional designers I have had the pleasure of working with. Her taste and style are impeccable and her way of putting together a room, a home, or even an entire hotel are brilliant and beautiful. Her designs literally look like pages from a magazine - they are perfection. Cherie is passionate about what she does and it shows in everything she touches. Cherie has a strong work ethic and is diligent in working within your timeline. You will make the best decision by working with Cherie.


I have worked with Kris Havens on several occasions now, and she is a pleasure to work with! She is honest, creative, and very professional! I would highly recommend Kris to anyone looking for an interior designer that really listens to her clients and their needs!


Besides being on top of my project by researching the best prices; knowing what showrooms to bring me to; Kris was totally connected to my needs & wants. She is caring, honest, creative, knowledgeable, respectful, punctual, and a lovely bubbly person. An absolute pleasure to work with!


I had the pleasure of having Kris help me redecorate my home. She is so friendly and informative. Her eye for color, style, and furniture placement was outstanding. Kris made recommendations but wasn't overbearing. She understood my needs and style and helped me make the best decisions. I am so happy I found Kris. I highly recommend her design expertise. You will be happy you made the call!