What is Transitional Style?

In today’s blog post, we’re taking a look at Transitional design. This style is a favorite with one of our own interior designers, Kris Havens. It’s timeless, practical, and always in vogue.

How Transitional Style began

Transitional Style is a modern movement in interior design. It takes the best of classical and modern designs, weaving them together to create something unique.

What does that look like in practice? Designers try to combine old-fashioned comfort with modern minimalism. Soft, comfortable furnishings are very important in Transitional design – but they are placed alongside the geometric shapes, clean lines and neutral colors of modern design.

Because Transitional Style moves between different time periods, it never gets old. A home or office decorated in Transitional Style will never really go out of fashion.

Transitional Style in 2020

Transitional Style works very well with the big design trends this year. In 2020, texture has become very important to designers. Look out for furniture with highly textured fabrics and natural materials.

We’re also seeing home and office designs which are open-plan and full of natural light. Transitional design aims to create spaces where people can live, work and play with comfort.

However, Transitional Style is very different from modern design in some ways. If you don’t like the current fashion for big, bold colors, then Transitional designs are more neutral. Look for gentle shades of beige, rose pink, gray or cream.