Making storage space look good

In one of our latest projects, we renovated a condominium in Aspen, Colorado. The big challenge? To add as much storage space as possible, without compromising on a luxurious design. Here’s how we did it – and why storage space matters so much in modern design.

Why storage space matters

Believe it or not, the average United States home is much larger than in the past. By 2014, the average home was over 2,600 square feet. That’s more than double the size of a home in 1950!

So why do we still need more storage? Well, because we’re using our homes in different ways. More Americans rent their home than ever before, which means they may have to share storage space with a landlord. Many homeowners also choose to list their home on apps like AirBnB, so they often have guests or short-term renters.

And finally, we’d say that most people just have more stuff. There’s a reason that Marie Kondo was such a viral hit – we all have too much clutter!

How we made storage space look good

Let’s go back to Aspen. The biggest priority was the guest room: we wanted to fit in plenty of storage so that guests in the condo would be comfortable.

So we added some special features, including suitcase storage and a “hidden” twin trundle bed. We built in above-bed storage to keep linens and guest towels. We even got into the little details – like using seamless push-latch cabinets, instead of cabinets with handles, to streamline the space.

Click here to see the guest room and learn more about our secret storage tricks!