How to help your interior designer

So you’ve hired an interior designer… or you’re thinking about it. Here are 3 tips to get the most out of your interior designer and have a successful working relationship.

#1 Keep track of what inspires you

If you’re planning a new home or a renovation project, then start by collecting some inspiration. You can create a physical mood board with pictures from magazines, or use a website like Pinterest to collect images and ideas that you love.

This collection of designs will help your interior designer understand your style. You can include color schemes, furniture, fabric samples… anything that speaks to you!

#2 Be honest

Our team of designers is good, but they’re not mind-readers. Try to communicate clearly with your interior designer so that they know exactly what you’re looking for. Be honest and upfront about your likes, dislikes and budget.

Better Homes & Gardens also recommend being honest about the scale of your project. If you just want a designer to look over your home and make some suggestions, say so! You don’t have to opt for a full renovation every time – we’re also available to consult on smaller projects.

#3 Start a home file

We love this idea from Tara, of the Clean Organized Family Home blog. As well as creating a design board full of inspiration, she recommends keeping a home file.

Fill it with the things that don’t inspire you – like cabinets at the wrong height, messy faucets, or a floor surface that’s hard to clean. Your interior designer can help make your home more comfortable, as well as beautiful.