How to get inspired to create the perfect room

inspiration into design.There are many places and objects where you can be inspired to turn inspiration into design. What do you really love? Are you inspired by nature, travel, art, or fashion? Being fortunate to live by the ocean, I know I am inspired by my walks on the beach. I love finding treasures and being surprised by a piece of coral, for instance, that has washed up along the shore. I collect these gifts as they remind me that mother Earth has so much to offer our curiosity. For instance, the colors and beach scenes are enough to capture any imagination. The marine life, sand, seashells, ocean, and palm trees provide many treasures that can be a helpful setting for your decor.

Do you find yourself taking photos and notes of your favorite hotel or restaurant when traveling? We often want to take a slice of our holiday back home with us, and it is a good idea to incorporate those ideas into your home interiors. I recommend that you go back through your old photos and look for the picture that captures that sense of awe.  Maybe adding a distressed wood table that could be reminiscent of the barns you admired in the English countryside could be your inspiration. Or a piece of a patina in your room as a reminder of a beloved city. A marble statue to remind you, Michelangelo’ David. These finds will double as a conversation starter when you have friends over. However, we suggest that you keep it simple. It is possible to integrate multiple influences in a space but stick to two or three. Otherwise, the room looks unintentional and too confusing.


favorite places on earth is ColoradoBringing nature into the home can be an element that creates the same wonders we encounter our environment. I have a passion for collecting raw crystals and stones. To me, collecting is an adventure and journey. It reminds me of a time, place, or moment. One of my favorite places on earth is in Colorado. There, I love to connect with nature while hiking, biking, or skiing. I am in awe and marvel at all the vibrant colors. The wildflowers, against the rugged snow-covered Mountain peaks, speaks to me about contrast. I often incorporate this contrast into design. I also love to see how the textures of a rough stone turn smooth thru washed by the river over 100 years. I use different materials in my design to a story about a person or couple; this is what brings magic into your interior space.

There are many forms of art from painting, sculptures, sketching, and collages that can evoke emotion and inspiration for a room. A visit to your local gallery or museum, you might discover that one piece of art that can be a focal point to a room.


Fashion and interior design are intertwined. You may not realize it, but much of the interior design trends initially originated from fashion. Usually, what you see on the runway trickles into the home. Fashion and interior design are intertwinedPeople use their clothes to express themselves thru fashion and use their home to express themselves in their interiors. Both allow the opportunity to stand apart freely from others and portray how he or she feels about who they are. Fashion designers often are the first in line to spot trends. For example, when there are social movements, such as green living, fashion designers see the evolution and include these elements into their styles. They may source organic fabrics, and choose clean and light styles to create a more natural look. Shortly after that, you will see this same trend in interiors. So if you are trying to understand the next trend in interior design, we suggest looking to the runways to your favorite designers.

Also, we recommend looking through the internet to find pictures of rooms that you love.  There are many websites, forums, blogs, and social media sites dedicated to home improvements and interior design such as our website at  These online resources have countless web pages that include articles, images, and videos about every interior design project imaginable. In most cases, this information is free or costs very little, but it can be extremely valuable to you, especially if the ideas you get, eventually will improve the appearance of your home.  Looking through these websites can provide inspiration and thoughts you never imagined.

So if you are thinking about changing the layout or décor of your home and looking for ideas from other sources, we encourage you to get inspired by nature, art, fashion, or travel.   There has never been more opportunities to find ideas that you may never have even probably considered.