Debunking myths about interior designers

Two of our top designers, Cherie Arscott and Kris Havens, recently sat down to bust some myths about interior design. Top of the list? The myth that interior design is too expensive!

The value of interior design

Yes, hiring an interior designer does have an initial cost. But you have to set that cost against all the money you will save.

In their interview, Cherie and Kris explained how they offer their clients extra value for money. To start with, they choose all their vendors and manufacturers by hand. That means that Architectural Design Studios clients get the benefit of direct pricing, without a showroom mark-up.

Having established relationships with vendors can solve a lot of problems, too. An interior designer can handle logistical problems and supply chain issues before they impact your design project. “One day of delay could cost you thousands of dollars in construction costs,” explains Cherie. “[But] we sort out the problem before you even know it’s happening.”

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How maximize the value of your interior designer

You can maximize the value of your interior designer by setting clear expectations, and having a healthy working relationship.

Start by being crystal clear about your budget, your limits and your priorities. Ask yourself some tough questions. For example, if you have to choose between splashing out on paint or furnishings, which is more important? Let your interior designer know, so that they can make the right choices for you.

Always be honest with your designer about your likes and dislikes. If you give them the right information, they can help you create the perfect space – “and have fun!”, adds Kris.

Finally, trust your interior designer. They’ve spent their whole career building up an address book full of vendors, suppliers, and trustworthy labor. Have faith in the work they do for you, and you’ll reap the rewards by working with Architectural Design Studios.