Glass Repair Aurora IL

Glass Repair Aurora IL

There is nothing better than knowing that you are going with the right company to help with glass repair in Aurora IL or replacement windows. Here at Glasshopper Schor Glass, we often get questions regarding our services regarding windows, shower doors, custom pieces, mirrors, and much more. These are just some of the common FAQs that we get:

Q: What is involved in glass maintenance?
A: When you search for ‘home window replacement near me,' you may see a thing or two about glass maintenance. Glasshopper Schor Glass is available to handle all of your glass care needs to ensure everything stays in excellent shape. We can also repair the glass doors, windows, and other glass elements of your property requiring service.

Q: How can I tell if I have dual-pane or single-pane windows?
A: This is a question that our window replacement company often gets from current and potential customers. If you have a home built after 1978, then the windows you have would be dual-pane. When looking at a broken window, you can tell if it is dual-pane or not. A window with a dual-pane will have a spacer located between the two glass panes.

Q: My dual-pane window has one glass broken. Do I need a full window replacement in Aurora IL?
A: A dual unit is made where two pieces of glass get sealed together with chemicals in between to insulate the home. The entire unit is manufactured together, guaranteeing a proper fit and seal. When you need this type of glass repair in Aurora IL, we will replace the broken dual-pane with equal or better-quality glass. Although your pricing is affordable, we will never sacrifice quality.

Q: Do you offer custom glassworks?
A: In addition to replacement windows in Aurora IL, IL, our team will take on custom glass projects. Whether you need something for your commercial space or residential building, all you have to do is talk with us about your ideas, and our design team will bring it to life. Be sure to ask us about installations and detailed quotes for custom work!

Q: What does retrofit window mean?
A: Part of our window replacement services in Aurora IL, IL, may include handling retrofit windows. This is a brand-new window, including the frame and glass made of low e (glass) and a vinyl frame. Retrofits are usually installed when a frame is older or damaged beyond repair.

Q: Do you offer warranties on your new installations or glass repair in Aurora IL?
A: We have been in business for many years, which has given us immense experience in glass repair and new installations. That being said, we know the value of warranties when it comes to peace of mind. All of our work is fully guaranteed, and you can even have warranties transferred to the next homeowner should you sell.

Are you looking for glass repair in Aurora IL? Glasshopper Schor Glass has been established and trusted since 1921! Get a free and fast glass installation estimate by visiting us online or calling the team at (630) 897-5298.

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Glass Repair Aurora IL
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