ADU Contractor Tujunga

ADU Contractor Tujunga

Inan Builders is an accessory dwelling unit contractor in Pasadena, CA, serving Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding counties. Our services are sought by clients looking for affordable ADU contractors in Pasadena, CA. Our clients understand that the housing shortage in California has led to a significant increase in the price of rental apartments and property values. Therefore, ADUs offer practical solutions for dealing with the housing crisis. Fortunately, state policies have made the construction of ADUs considerably simpler. ADUs provide homeowners with a great rental income source and add value to their properties.


Clients choose Inan Builders because we offer some of the most competitive ADU design and construction rates and understand ADU regulations and requirements. Whether you decide to build a small back house or addition, the cost of your ADU is likely to be budget-friendly. In addition, we can accommodate your ADU construction needs, meaning we can handle the entire ADU design and construction project or specific phases of your project. In addition, we have multiple financing options for homeowners who are not willing to pay cash. 

Permit Requirements

Inan ADU builder has been in the ADU design and construction industry for many years. We understand the zoning and permit requirements in Pasadena, CA, and other counties. In addition, we will handle the entire permit approval process, so you don’t have to do anything. For new construction, we will handle the floor plan and measurements. You will probably not lift a finger throughout the ADU design and construction project. We will ensure your new construction meets all requirements, including inspection requirements.

Client Satisfaction

Inan ADU contractor is committed to providing our clients with quality customer service. We aim to ensure high standards of customer satisfaction. In addition, we keep our clients abreast of their ADU projects through constant communication.

Customized ADU solutions

Inan Builders has a large catalog of ADU plans and layouts. However, we can always design a custom ADU for you if you do not, as the ADU plans on our catalog. Fortunately, most properties in Pasadena, CA, can build an ADU. Homeowners in Pasadena, CA, and surrounding counties can build detached ADUs on their properties, provided space. ADUs must be at least 10 feet and 5 feet from the main property and the nearest property lines.


If you want an ADU contractor in Los Angeles, please contact Inan Builders. Our technicians will explain the entire design and construction process, so you understand precisely what you will be paying for. In addition, we will provide upfront pricing for all services so you can plan. Our invoices are itemized so that clients can understand exactly what they pay for. Our services do not have hidden costs.

Inan Builders is a locally-owned and operated ADU design and construction company that brings unique perspectives to clients’ ADU design and construction needs. Our technicians understand local, and state ADU design and construction needs regulations. In addition, we offer excellent recommendations for ADU designs and solutions. We aim to build a structure that best suits your needs. Call us today for a quote.

ADU Contractor Tujunga

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